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The Why Workshop

The Why Workshop


The Why Worksop is a 1.5-hour long discovery session where we explore your "why". We can come to you or we can hold the workshop at our office in Richmond. 


In the workshop we'll cover:

  1. A more in-depth look into the Why of your business.

  2. Values and vision of the business

  3. Key Demographics of your clients/audience 

  4. Defining a core message

  5. Planning of the video content


The central questions we're going to answer are:

1. Who will watch this video?

2. What should they think and feel after watching the video?


You don't need to bring anything to the workshop, but you can take notes if you wish. The purpose of the workshop is for both parties to discuss your Why and explore it in the context of marketing and video content. At the end of the workshop, we'll define the kind of message and impression we want to leave on your audience.

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