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Speaking Naturally

Speaking Naturally


At Video Why we use a type of public speaking called unscripted speaking. It means there's no script when speaking allowing you to be natural and to build trust with your audience. It's a compelling form of communication but does come with some challenges.


When speaking on camera, there are three main objectives you should aim to achieve. 


1. Convey Information. 

There are key pieces of information that you'd want to convey. They could be statistics, unique value propositions or a distinction you want to make. You should write these out in dot point form and test them out verbally by explaining them to people. On the day of filming, we'll look at your list and help to remind you to speak about this information as we film. It's important to practice so that you don't have to overthink when you're in front of the camera. You should pay special attention to explaining the information clearly and concisely. 


2. Speak with Charisma.

When you present, you want to be natural and charismatic. Your biggest obstacle is not being warmed up before you speak. Singers and athletes take some time to warm up and you should too.

We have a series of exercises we use to warm up your mind and speaking skills. Doing these exercises right before we film will help get you into the perfect state to be natural and charismatic.

The best way to improve your speaking is to get into a speaking flow. In the above video, you'll find a great exercise we use to help get you into flow. We'll work with you on the day to help get into flow.


3. Be authentic. 

Being authentic is the best way to win over your audience and to build trust with them. We lose authenticity when we try to edit ourselves and make everything perfect. Realise that when you speak without a script, there will be parts of your speech that are not perfect. All the little imperfections give authenticity to the way yo speak. We will edit out any significant hiccups while still maintaining authenticity

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