• James Shadrach

is your content working?

This process will relate to a lot of people:

- You create some content

- You share it on social media

- It gets some views and comments

- You feel great

- You then wonder if that content actually lead to sales.

That leaves us with the question: how do we measure the effectiveness of our content?

It's great when our posts get a lot of attention, but what does this attention mean for business?

Steven Krohn offers some great ideas in his article. A main goal of you content should be to create a change in behavior:

Change Behavior

Does the content create change in the audience's behavior?

Ultimately you're wanting to create a change in the behavior of your audience.

Here are some examples:

- Clicks to your website

- Comments on your post

- Sharing of the post

In our experience at Video Why, likes and reactions are not the greatest metrics to look at. Sharing and tagging friends is a great sign. And detailed comments with questions is ideal.

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